Why I Think Saturday Is The Sabbath Day In Christainity

Since my childhood, I’ve always wondered which day the Sabbath day is?

Meanwhile there have always been this paramount argument between churches concerning the right day for worship.

And most people see Sunday as the ideal day for worship, but I think it’s Saturday based on the careful evaluations of my little researches:

1. The calendar arrangement: Looking at how all calendars are arranged, the first day always begins with Sunday down to Sunday the last day of the week, well I think this is really a convincing point.

2. When do the isrealite worship?: As a Christian have u asked your self this question, well knowing that the isrealite were the original owner of this
religion, from my research they honour Saturday as the Sabbath day.

3. Most pastors know the truth but are afraid to say so in order not to lose their member, as Sunday is the only time people get to rest from their daily work.

4. Though reading and understanding the new testament may also help in this argument.

When do you think is the Sabbath day?