Ten ways to know if you are in an acidic relationship

Ten ways to know if you are in an acidic relationship
1. Your partner flair up at every small issue
2. Your partner get jealous at every contact your have meeting people
3. There will be unrest when ever your phone rings and his/she is always expecting an explanation after every call.
4. Your partner tries to disconnect you from every friend because he/she feels they could be influencing your relationship
5. Your partner always want to know where you are and what you are doing per seconds
6. Your partner tries to smell your body or look round your body or hair to see if someone touched you
7. Your partner will always disapprove 90% of your weekend plans either to attend occasions
8. Your partner will always like to check your messages
9. Your partner will always go to your dialled number and secret call them to know who they were.
10. The only time your partners gives you 100% of their attention is during sex.
If your relationship has atleast 5 of the above signs, you are in a toxic relationship. And it’s difficult to change them unless you standing your ground by saying, you either stop this and that or we break up. It’s better you make it clear what you don’t want or live in he’ll in that relation.
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