Staring At Women’s Breast Can Increase Men’s Lifespan

Do you know staring at a woman’s breaks canm ake you live longer as a guy??

Yes it will and can according to experiment carried out by German scientist Dr. Karen Weather by.. The publication of this discovery first emerged on the New England Journal of Medicine.

The experiment was done in period of five years using five hundred men for this experiment..

The scientist brought together 500 men and then split them into two, Group A was asked to stare at a woman’s breast lustfully for nothing less than 10 per day and then asked group B to abstain from even looking at a woman’s breast.

After the experiment He discovered that men who stare at women’s breast lustfully face lower rate of heart problems and also slower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure which all contributes to life elongation..


Staring at a very endowed and attractive lady for at least ten minutes per day is equivalent to thirty minutes of aerobic workout session..

The reason is because while staring at the lady makes the heart pump more and enhances blood circulation ..

By looking at the woman’s breast alone it makes a man feel excited and reduces rate of heart attack and stroke in men..

By doing this a man could gain an additional 3 to 4 more years according to the research carried out.