How Whatsapp Banned My Account That Serves As My Income Stream

Putting smiles in peoples face have been my priority until I choose to make it lively on WhatsApp (Status)

I started this TVs Since June, 2017 with 50 Views only, so what I do is meeting people/students in Campus to save my number while I save their own, because if the both don’t save each other’s number none will be able to view each other’s status.

As am doing that my views is increasing though is never easy but I put my time and interest in it.

I reached out 500 views in a 4 Months, though some will not accept to comply (saving your contact) so i have to bring out time to start explaining how TV works before they will give me their and accept to save mine, Some Girls do think am Toasting them by asking their Numbers.

Fortunately for me I clocked 1,000 views on December, I was so happy then, as people were enjoying my status updates gives me joy. so I started getting advert with little or no charges.

I appreciate what gives me joy (my TV) so as I started doing massive giveaways so that they will be following up my status, thank God my efforts then was never in vain, so started doing Referral Contest to Boost my Viewers and all went fine…

On 10th June, 2019 I Had 1,000 views on my WhatsApp TV which made me a Master in AIWT, I Celebrated my TV with my Birthday on 30th of July this year.

I was surprise when I got Banned on October, 2019. I tried my best to send them email and they kept me banned since then. After all my Sweat for all these while they banned me in Just a Day.

After 2 days my Famz started calling my to know what’s wrong. So they said that they want me Back. So I had to open another WhatsApp account and I started adding the few I could reach,

I Got 20 view in my Second (2nd) account with the help of my other TV Colleagues in AIWT, by advertising my link on their own status.


Please what should I do to unban my other account???