How Do You Cope With Aggresive Girlfriend?

I and my girlfriend met at Abuja Shoprite. It was love at first sight, she is so beautiful, well dress, decent and carefully made.

I can not resist talking to her, after some minutes that I was using one side of my eye to look at her, I finally yield to temptation of talking to her. We talked for some minutes and after 3 months of asking her out. She accepted my love proposal but she made a statement that day that I took for joke.

She said and I quoted ”Am a drama Queen and you will find it very difficult to cope with my attitude” We celebrated one year of dating last month.I used to give her almost everything she demanded.

She is a very responsible and decent woman her only but is that she is too aggressive. We don’t use to quarrel but anytime we have misunderstanding, until she destroy expensive stuff,she won’t stop being angry, no matter how I talk to her to calm down.

The last time we fought until she smashed my only LapTop on floor that was when she calmed down.

I really love her because if not for her aggressiveness, she is a wife material. How on earth will I marry someone that use to destroy my properties ? Or How can I marry and cope with wife that will surely destroy her husband properties?

*Should I leave her or I should stay with her?*