Hotfrom9ja Registration Guide: Step By Step (With Screenshots)

Hence we all know Hotfrom9ja Pays Without Referral

HotFrom9ja Registration Guide

To register on hotfrom9ja, i will explained everything in detail so as to make it easier to understand

Step 1. Get Your Referral Link From Your Dashboard Under Marketing

Click on marketing, then affiliate Links



”Your Referal URL” is your referral link (Not Referral ID)

The next thing I want you to do is long press on the link to copy your referral link. If you are using chrome Copy Link Text (Not Link Address)

As shown below



After you have successfully copied your referral link (by copying link text) proceed from there and open a new Tab in your browser. Then paste the link there and hit Enter.

Always use Chrome to achieve effective results

Step2. After Opening the Link

Fill In the persons Information as seen in the screenshot below. and dont forget to choose a strong password.

Click on CHECK OUT WITH PAYSTACK » to get to the payment page. Then select payment with card on the next page

Select payment with Card and fill your card information as you see above. I recommend MASTER CARD

You card number is the long digit at the front of your card, Your CVV is the 3 digit number at the back on your card. Your information is secured with Fluterwave So you shouldn’t be scared. Dont forget to input your card expiry date too.

Step 3.

After you have filled your card information. Request OTP pin or you can use Hardware token if you already have it. If you select OTP. You will arrive at the page below. The Pin will be sent to your alert Sim

Just copy it and paste in the box and hit on submit

Congratulations, You have finally carried out Hotfrom9ja registration

once your registration is successful you will receive a welcome note and email telling you your order has been received

I hope this Hotfrom9ja registration guide was helpful.