Help landed her in trouble

I just want to use this medium to inform all my contacts and friends about what is happening in our country, please, if you used to give money or anything  to those beggars in the streets anywhere in Nigeria, stop giving it to them. Let me tell you what happened on 13th May 2017 in Niger State, a pregnant woman that was going for antenatal gave N50 to a beggar at the hospital gate, immediately she lost her pregnancy, her unborn baby disappeared from her stomach. She began to scream, people came and they started beating the man, they even call the woman’s husband to come and see what has happened to his wife, and the beggar told them that nothing on earth can bring back that baby except the woman breastfeed him, that is the only solution. The woman said over her dead body, she refused to do that, but after several pleas from her husband and others, she breastfed him, immediately both of them disappeared till today. They have been announcing it on the radio since that Saturday till today. Please put that woman in your prayers whenever you pray, and also stop giving arms to anybody on the street that ask for food or what so ever.  Thanks and please share this message to keep others  informed of what is  happening and also to save life that might be a victim tomorrow. May God help us.
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